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Kendall County TEA Party : News : Kendall County Republican Central Committee
Kendall County TEA Party
Wednesday 4/15 - 5:30 PM

Taxed Enough Already?

Make your voice heard at the

Kendall County TEA Party

Wednesday, April 15th at 5:30pm

Hudson Crossing Pedestrian Bridge over the Fox River in Oswego

Guest Speakers Invited

Bring Signs Expressing How YOU Feel

Be Patriotic Carry a Flag

As government expands, liberty contracts - Ronald Reagan

Boston in 1773: Taxation without Representation
America in 2009: Appropriation (Spending) and Obligation (Debt) without Hesitation
If you pay taxes, you should be heard!

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Kendall County Republican Central Committee Christmas Party
Ralph's Place, Bristol

Kay Hatcher Fundraiser
Ralph's Place

October 18, 2010 Central Committee Meeting

Fundraiser for Sheriff Randall
Ralph's Place, Bristol


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